About Us

About Us

Hello, we are Meike & Jason and we founded Mindfulcouples to create a platform for you to Discover love, relationships, and self-improvement inspiration to elevate your connection and create lasting memories with your partner! We’re all about spicing up your romance, connecting on a deeper level, forging unforgettable experiences and building the relationship of your dreams! Explore captivating couple photos, relationship tips, and exciting date night ideas.

The Idea of starting Mindfulcouples really began to form as we realised that we’ve never had an argument in our relationship yet, due to us being completely into personal development and having straight rules for the Relationship.

One of the first rules we started implementing was that there will never be a problem between us. It will always be US against the PROBLEM. It’s not about who’s to blame. Because we work as a TEAM. Some other rules were:

  • A separation will not be thrown into the space as an option, especially not for provocation.
  • Words like “separation” or “cheating” are not even in our vocabulary. Not even for a joke.
  • We avoid sentence beginners like “always” & “never” and avoid extreme conclusions against others.
  • Everyone may express how they felt without judgement.
  • We can speak about anything and everything.
  • We will never go to bed with suppressed emotions or unspoken problems.
  • We are committed to each other.

Another BIG thing that helped us to establish the relationship that we now have has been the App Daily Agapé. Daily Agapé helped us to regularly check in on our partner’s emotional state and therefore create a more pleasant environment for each other. Our connection grew extremely strong and we got to know each other on an insane deep level.

And that’s our story, quick and dirty.

Let’s infuse every moment with passion and make memories that last a lifetime!

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