30+ Best Couple Christmas Photos Ideas For Romantic Couples

For me, christmas is a very special time of the year. It’s the time for great quality time, surprising gifts and fun activities. There is nothing better than capturing this majestic and fun time with your significant other.

If you feel the same way and would like a few couple Christmas photo ideas, I’ve put together a comprehensive list of ideas for you here.

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30+ Couple Christmas Photo Ideas

Are you looking for some inspiration for your couple Christmas photos? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of 30 creative ideas to help you capture the love and joy of the holiday season.

1. Cosy up by the fireplace

couple christmas photos fireplace
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2. Decorate the Christmas tree together

couple christmas photos decorate christmas tree
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3. Take a stroll in the snow

couple christmas photos stroll in snow
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4. Bake Christmas cookies

couple christmas photos christmas cookies
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5. Wear matching Christmas pyjamas

couple christmas photos christmas pyjamay
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6. Exchange Christmas gifts

couple christmas photos exchange christmas gifts
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7. Kiss under the mistletoe

couple christmas photos kiss under mistletoe
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8. Make a snowman together

couple christmas photos build snowman
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9. Take a Christmas lights tour

couple christmas photos christmas lights tour
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10. Have a snowball fight

couple christmas photos snowball fight
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11. Take a hot cocoa break

couple christmas photos hot cocoa
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12. Go ice skating together

couple christmas photos ice skating
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13. Wear matching Christmas sweaters

couple christmas photos matching christmas sweaters
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14. Take a sleigh ride

couple christmas photos sleight ride
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15. Have a Christmas picnic

couple christmas photos christmas picnic
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16. Make a gingerbread house

couple christmas photos gingerbread house
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17. Take a winter hike

couple christmas photos winter hike
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18. Have a Christmas movie marathon

couple christmas photos movie marathon
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19. Take a dip in a hot tub

couple christmas photos hot tub
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20. Create a snow angel together

couple christmas photos snow angel
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21. Take a Christmas-themed photo booth session

couple christmas photos christmas photo booth
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22. Visit a winter cafe

couple christmas photos winter cafe
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23. Go on a horse-drawn carriage ride

couple christmas photos carriage ride
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24. Build a blanket fort

couple christmas photos christmas blanket fort
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25. Take Christmas mirror selfies

couple christmas photos christmas mirror selfies
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26. Sitting in front of the Christmas tree

couple christmas photos sitting infront of the christmas tree
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27. Take a trip to a Christmas market

couple christmas photos christmas market
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28. Have a anna and elsa themed movie night

couple christmas photos anna and elsa themed christmas day
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29. Take a Christmas picture with your dog or cat

couple christmas photos picture with dog
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30. Kissing in front of the Christmas tree

couple christmas photos kiss infront of christmas tree
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These ideas are just the beginning. Get creative and have fun capturing your own unique couple Christmas photos.

Posing Ideas for Christmas Couple Photos

Now that you’ve got your Christmas couple photoshoot ideas, it’s time to start thinking about posing ideas. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

1. Cosy and Romantic

One of the most popular poses for Christmas couple photos is the cosy and romantic pose. This pose can be achieved by snuggling up close to each other, with one person’s head resting on the other’s shoulder. You can also hold hands or wrap your arms around each other.

2. Under the Mistletoe

Another classic pose for Christmas couple photos is the under the mistletoe pose. This pose is perfect for capturing a sweet and romantic moment between you two. You can stand under a sprig of mistletoe and kiss or share a sweet embrace.

3. Tree Decorating

If you want to capture a fun and playful moment, consider a tree decorating pose. Stand in front of the Christmas tree and decorate it together. You can capture yourselves hanging ornaments, wrapping garland, or placing the star on top of the tree.

4. Winter Wonderland

If you’re lucky enough to have a winter wonderland near you, take advantage of it for your Christmas couple photos. You can walk hand in hand through a snowy forest or playfully throw snowballs at each other.

5. Christmas Lights

Christmas lights make for a beautiful and festive backdrop for your Christmas couple photos. You can stand in front of a wall of lights or wrap yourself in strands of lights for a cosy and romantic pose.

Why I Love Christmas Couple Photos

I love couple Christmas photos because they express my love and affection for my partner combined with this lovely festive flair. Whether it’s kissing in front of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree or wrapped up in cosy blankets, these photos capture the warmth and intimacy of your relationship. (P.S. If you’re looking for kissing poses, check out my recent blog here)

Whether you’re taking photos in matching Christmas sweaters or dressing up in Santa hats, these photos are also great for holiday cards or when you want to put your photo on Christmas tree decoration. Plus, they make for great social media posts that are sure to get lots of likes and comments.

If you’re looking to spice up your winter date nights, I also recently wrote a blog about my 70+ favourite winter date ideas.

Sharing Your Couple Christmas Photos

After capturing the perfect couple Christmas photos, you’ll want to share them with your loved ones. Here are a few ways to share your festive snaps:

Social Media Sharing

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great places to share your couple Christmas photos. You can use hashtags like #couplechristmasphotos or #holidaylove to make them more discoverable. You can also tag your loved ones to let them know you’re thinking of them during the holiday season.

Creating Christmas Cards

Another way to share your couple Christmas photos is by creating personalized Christmas cards. You can use online services like Shutterfly or Minted to create custom cards with your favourite photos. You can also add a personal message to make them even more special.

Christmas Tree Balls with Your Photo on Them

If you’re looking for a unique way to share your couple Christmas photos, consider creating Christmas tree balls with your photo on them. You can order custom ornaments online or make them yourself by printing your photo on photo paper and cutting it into a circle. Then, glue the photo to a plain ornament and add some festive ribbon.

No matter how you choose to share your couple Christmas photos, they’re sure to bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces. So, get creative and spread some holiday cheer!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some cute poses for couple Christmas photos?

One classic pose is to stand facing each other, holding hands, and looking into each other’s eyes. Another cute pose is to have one person sitting on the ground in front of the christmas tree with their legs crossed, while the other person sits behind them with their arms wrapped around their partner. You can also try posing with Christmas props like mistletoe or candy canes.

What are some creative couple vacation photo ideas for Christmas?

If you’re taking a vacation during the Christmas season, there are plenty of creative couple photo ideas you can try out. You can take a photo in front of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, or pose in front of a famous landmark with a festive backdrop. You can also try taking a photo while ice skating or skiing, or even while building a snowman together.

What are some funny Christmas card photo ideas for couples?

If you want to add some humour to your Christmas card photo, then take a photo of yourselves wearing matching ugly Christmas sweaters, or pose with your pets dressed up in festive outfits. You can also try taking a photo with a silly Christmas hat or while holding a sign with a funny message.

What are the best colour combinations for couple Christmas photos?

When it comes to colour combinations for couple Christmas photos, you can’t go wrong with classic holiday colours like red, green, and gold. You can also try incorporating white or silver for a more elegant look. If you want a more modern look, you can try using non-traditional colours like pink or blue.

How can I take a good couple Christmas photo?

To take a good couple Christmas photo, start by choosing a location with good lighting and a festive backdrop. Make sure you’re both dressed in coordinating outfits and consider using props like Christmas lights or ornaments. Use a tripod or ask a friend to help you take the photo, and don’t be afraid to try out different poses and angles until you find the perfect shot.

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