40 Best Couple Winter Photos Ideas 2024

Do you love winter as much as I do?

Sometimes I feel the urge to take a cute photo of me and my girl, snuggled up in a cosy blanket and a hot chocolate, or simply walk hand in hand through the winter wonderland.

If you feel the same way and would like a few couple winter photos ideas, I’ve put together a comprehensive list of ideas for you here. From snowy kisses to cosy blanket snuggles, I’ve got you covered!

40 Couple Winter Photos Ideas

Winter is the perfect season to take couple photos. Here are 30+ ideas to inspire you.

1. Going for a walk

couple winter photos going for a walk
by Pinterest

2. Sit on a bench

couple winter photos sitting on a bench
by Pinterest

3. Flower surprise

couple winter photos with flowers
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4. Having fun with sparklers

couple winter photos with sparkler
by Pinterest

5. In the forest

couple winter photos in the forest
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6. Tying her shoes

couple winter photos tying her shoes
by Pinterest

7. Coffee to go

couple winter photos Coffee to go
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8. Playing in the snow

couple winter photos playing in the snow
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9. Kiss on his cheek

couple winter photos kiss on his cheek
by Pinterest

10. Silly face

couple winter photos silly face
by Pinterest

11. Laying in the snow

couple winter photos laying in the snow
by Pinterest

12. Sunset walk

couple winter photos sunset walk
by Pinterest

13. Writing into snow

couple winter photos writing in the snow
by Pinterest

14. Going with the dog

couple winter photos going with the dog
by Pinterest

15. In a lift

couple winter photos in a lift
by Pinterest

16. Outside wine tasting

couple winter photos at winery with dog
by Pinterest

17. Christmas tree

couple winter photos in front of christmas tree
by Pinterest

18. Snowball fight

couple winter photos snowball fight
by Pinterest

19. Cozy up

couple winter photos cosy up
by Pinterest

20. Ice skating

couple winter photos ice skating
by Pinterest

21. Hot cocoa

couple winter photos hot cocoa
by Pinterest

22. Snow angels

couple winter photos making snowangels
by Pinterest

23. Matching pyjamas

couple winter photos matching pyjamas
by Pinterest

24. Sleigh ride

couple winter photos sleight ride
by Pinterest

25. Skiing

couple winter photos skiing
by Pinterest

26. Fireplace

couple winter photos in front of fireplace
by Pinterest

27. Winter picnic

couple winter photos winter picnic
by Pinterest

28. Snowy landscape

couple winter photos snowy landscape
by Pinterest

29. Snowshoeing

couple winter photos snowshoeing
by Pinterest

30. Winter carnival

couple winter photos winter carnival
by Pinterest

31. Snowboarding

couple winter photos snwoboarding
by Pinterest

32. Snow tubing

couple winter photos snow tubing
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33. Snowmobile tour

couple winter photos snowmobile tour
by Pinterest

34. Winter sports

couple winter photos winter sports
by Pinterest

35. Winter road trip

couple winter photos winter drive
by Pinterest

36. Winter cityscape

couple winter photos winter cityscape
by Pinterest

37. Winter campfire

couple winter photos campfire
by Pinterest

38. Winter zoo

couple winter photos winter zoo
by Pinterest

39. Feeding Deers

couple winter photos feeding deers
by Pinterest

40. Winter lights

couple winter photos wintr lights
by Pinterest

So why wait? Grab your significant other, put on something warm and head outside to capture your love in the winter wonderland.

Why I Love Couple Winter Photos

There is nothing better than spending time with your significant other in the wintertime. Whether you’re snuggled up, watching a movie or outside exploring the winter wonderland. There are plenty of things you can do as I already shared with you in my “70+ innovative winter date ideas blog”. So why not take some cute couple winter photos and make the moment even more memorable?

If you’re looking for some couple Christmas photo inspiration, check out my recent blog here.

Overcoming Challenges in Winter Photography

Winter can be a magical time for couple photos. The snowy landscapes and cosy winter attire create the perfect backdrop for a romantic photoshoot. However, winter photography comes with its own set of challenges. In this section, I’ll discuss how to overcome these challenges and take stunning couple winter photos.

Dealing with Cold Weather

The first challenge you’ll face when taking couple winter photos is the cold weather. It’s important to dress appropriately for the weather to ensure that you and your subjects are comfortable. Layers are key – wear a base layer, a warm mid-layer, and a waterproof outer layer. Don’t forget to wear warm boots, gloves, and a hat to keep your extremities warm.

Another challenge of cold weather is that it can drain your camera’s battery quickly. To avoid this, keep your phone or spare batteries in a warm pocket close to your body. You can also invest in a battery grip that holds two batteries and keeps them warm.

For people who get cold pretty fast, here are some tips on how to get used to cold temperatures.

  • make sure you exercise and drink enough
  • feel the actual temperature (not just think if you’re cold when you get outside)
  • turn down the thermostat
  • don’t cover up when you just have to walk a couple of steps outside
  • gain weight
  • take cold showers and get out in the cold regulary

P.S. Please also ensure you’re always safe and not put yourself in dangerous situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are romantic ideas for winter couple photos without snow?

If you’re looking for ideas for winter couple photos without snow, consider taking photos in a winter wonderland-like setting such as a forest or a park. You can also take photos in front of a decorated Christmas tree or in a cosy indoor setting like a cabin or a coffee shop. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your poses and props to capture the perfect winter couple photos.

What are some winter couple outfits for a photoshoot?

For winter couple photos, you can wear warm and cosy outfits like sweaters, jackets, and scarves. You can also add some texture to your outfits by wearing fur or wool. Consider wearing complementary colours or patterns to coordinate with your partner’s outfit. Don’t forget to wear comfortable and warm shoes like boots or sneakers.

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